Koto (Pterygota Bequaertii) Veneered On Moisture Resistant Chipboard

Koto (Pterygota Bequaertii) Veneered On Moisture Resistant Chipboard

Trade Names : Koto

Similar Veneers : Eyong, Obeche

Koto is found throughout West Africa, from Lyberia to the Ivory Coast, Ghana and Cameroon

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Choosing The Quality of Veneer - (with commercial grade being the most common choice)
Choosing The Grade of Veneers - (with A/B being the most common)
The Slicing Method
Option To Choose A Different Jointing Method (With bookmatched as being the most common)
Finishes / Options - (Max Length 3050mm / Max Width 1240mm) - (MINIMUM ORDER IS 20 SHEETS)
Veneered ' Moisture Resistant' Chipboard 19mm
2500mm x 1240mm
2800mm x 2070mm

Veneered ' Moisture Resistant' Chipboard
Board Size
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