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12mm Elliotis Pine Sheathing Grade C+/C Plywood

12mm Elliotis Pine Sheathing Grade C+/C Plywood

Elliotis pine sheathing grade plywood is a softwood plywood manufactured in South America, predominantly Brazil, but Chile (Chilean plywood) and Uruguay (Uruguayan Plywood) also have a strong presence in producing sheathing grade plywood.

As in most plywoods, Elliotis Pine sheathing plywood is manufactured with an odd number of plies. And these plies are aligned at 90 degrees (again as most plywoods are), to the adjacent plies.

In reference to the grade of the face veneers. Elliotis Pine listed on this page is graded as C+ / C. This means on one side (C+), we'll refer to this as the face, any open knot holes will have been filled and touched sanded. On the reverse side (C), any open knot holes will not be filled and this side isn't touched sanded as a general rule.

In relation to the glue line “WBP” this has been superseded by a European standard since 2013. The new standard is EN 314-2 and you advised to check the suitability of the bonding quality.

If structural grade has been specified for your job. Please make us aware of this in the instruction box below.

Sheathing grade plywood has many uses, site hoardings, boarding up, floor and roof decking and general construction applications. You may have also have heard sheathing grade plywood, refer too as shuttering plywood as well.

There are many mills producing Elliotis Pine plywood, but some of the most common mills imported into the UK at present are Sudati, Guaraply, Lavasul and Parador.

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Option to specify the plywood must conform to either FSC / PEFC
Option to specify En 314
Option to specify that the boards must be structural grade
Elliotis Pine Sheathing Grade C+/C WBP Plywood - 12mm 12mm
2440mm x 1220mm x 12mm

Elliotis Pine Sheathing Grade C+/C WBP Plywood - 12mm
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