Crown Cut Oak (Quercus Pedunculata / Sessiflora) Veneered On Moisture Resistant MDF

Crown Cut Oak (Quercus Pedunculata / Sessiflora) Veneered On Moisture Resistant MDF

Thank you for visiting our page on Crown Cut Oak veneered on moisture resistant MDF. We hope you find this page informative and welcome any suggestions / contributions on how to make this page even better for all our customers / visitors.

To start with, we feel we need to clarify the confusion around thicknesses etc. that we are asked about all the time. You will see in the matrix below, our list of thicknesses start at 7mm, 10mm, 13mm, 19mm etc. Right across the internet we can see moisture resistant veneered sheets being advertised, but we see on some websites the thicknesses are listed as 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm etc. For this explanation of why our sheet thickness is different to other sites, I will use 19mm moisture resistant Oak MDF as our example against the argument of veneered sheets listed as 18mm moisture resistant Oak MDF.

With the core material which is obviously moisture resistant mdf (no particular manufacturer specified for the MR MDF) would be 18mm thick. The veneer itself is normally 0.6mm before touch sanding, this is then veneered onto the raw moisture resistant mdf. which after sanding takes the veneer down to a nominal 0.5mm thickness. As there is a veneer layon on both sides, after touch sanding this then takes the overall thickness back upto 19mm.

Whilst were on the subject of the core material. We’d just like to highlight that some customer like to abbreviate moisture resistant mdf to read as MR MDF. We’re more than happy to use both methods.

But let’s be clear, we also can offer an overall thickness of 18mm Oak veneered moisture resistant mdf sheet, but this would have to be classed as a special request, involving additional costs etc. I’m using this page to highlight the fact unless requested all veneered sheets in our industry would be the normal core thickness + veneer. We accept there are tolerances allowed, but feel listing a veneered board as 18mm oak veneered is incorrect. As most companies would always supply a veneered sheet as 19mm thick. In the situation, a customer actually required 18mm oak veneered sheet and bought this off a competitor’s website and received 19mm. I wouldn’t like to say who would be right in that situation, but here at Peter Benson’s we like to make it as clear as possible from the beginning, to avoid such problems.

Regarding the oak veneer product itself. As you can see from the main index on veneered moisture resistant oak mdf, there are several veneered sheet options to choose from. Starting with this page on Crown Cut Oak, which relatively speaking is cheap compared to bog oak / burl oak which are at the top end in the pricing range, which can cost hundreds of pounds per sheet.

As you can see from one of the drop-down options below, we’ve highlighted that this veneered board would either be supplied with an oak veneer from Europe or America. European Oak would normally be supplied, if not specified. But occasionally our factory has supplied American Oak wood veneer for our normal stock usage, even though this is normally more expensive than the European veneer range. So, if it’s important for your project to be sourced from a particular country of origin, please use the drop-down menu to specify your preference and we will quote accordingly.

Another subject we get asked a lot is what does the following mean:

·        Slicing method

·        Jointing method

·        Grade of veneer

You have two options to gain a better understanding. You can click on each of the above terms and this will open a new tab giving a more in-depth explanation or at the bottom of this page you will find further options using tabs. Click on the tab next to related products “Download files” and this will open a PDF on each subject, which you can save if required. Both methods show the same information.

Lastly, I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight, here at Peter Benson Plywood we are certified to sell boards that are FSC or PEFC certified, so if you have a requirement say for veneered sheets that are listed as FSC 19mm Oak veneered moisture resistant MDF, we are more than capable to fulfil this order and welcome all enquiries.

Choosing The Quality of Veneer - (with commercial grade being the most common choice)
Choosing The Grade of Veneers - (with A/B being the most common)
Option To choose The Species Of Veneer ( Unless specified we would normally supply European Oak, but this is not guaranteed)
The Slicing Method
Option To Choose A Different Jointing Method (With bookmatched as being the most common)
Finishes / Options - (Max Length 3050mm / Max Width 1240mm) - (MINIMUM ORDER IS 20 SHEETS)
Option To Choose A Different Veneer Thickness (With 0.6mm as being the most common (Tolerance applies))
Option to specify the veneer must conform to either FSC / PEFC
Veneered Moisture Resistant MDF 7mm 13mm 10mm 19mm 26mm 31mm
2440mm x 1220mm
3050mm x 1220mm      

Veneered Moisture Resistant MDF
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