Egger - H3128 ST15 Natural Plum ABS Edging

Egger - H3128 ST15 Natural Plum ABS Edging

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What is it?

Thermoplastic ABS edge banding for EURODEKOR MFC, EURODEKOR MDF and EUROLIGHT which offers a sleek, yet robust decorative finish.

Where do you use it?

Different thicknesses of ABS Edging are used depending on the application.

0.4 mm ABS Edging is mainly used for carcassing, whilst 2 mm ABS is ideal for doors and desking. 0.8 mm ABS Edging is often used for both doors and carcassing.

Why use it?

Design benefits – EGGER ABS Edging is colour and texture matched to our boards ensuring a consistant appearance.

Fabrication benefits – Can be easily fabricated either by hand or by using an edge banding machine using standard hot-melt type adhesives.

Environmental benefits – Unlike PVC Edging, ABS Edging is easy to dispose of at the end of its product lifecycle as it can be burnt without releasing harmful toxics.


Colour & Decor Worlds : Classic & Modern
Intensity / Product Groups : Dark / Interior design - furniture
Surface Texture / Wood Grain : Office - ST15 Office / Planked
Decor Pattern / Decor Type : Vertical grain / Plum
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Egger - Woodgrain ABS Edging 1 23mm wide
Available to order (Lead time will apply)  
0.8mm (Minimum 1 roll = 75 Lin Metres)
2.0mm (Minimum 1 roll = 75 Lin Metres)

Egger - Woodgrain ABS Edging 1
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