Egger - H3129 ST30 Autumn Plum Melamine Faced MDF

Egger - H3129 ST30 Autumn Plum Melamine Faced MDF

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What is it?
EURODEKOR MDF (Melamine Faced Medium Density Fibreboard) has exactly the same surface finish as EURODEKOR MFC but has a fibreboard core. We can also offer 2 different grades of MDF: Furniture Grade and Deep Routering Grade.

Where do you use it?
EURODEKOR Furniture Grade MDF is often used as wall panelling / slatwall in commercial applications, such as retail and hospitality. EURODEKOR Deep Routering Grade MDF is used for the manufacturing of PVC foil wrapped doors and therefore has a decorative finish only on one side.

Why use it?
Fabrication benefits – EURODEKOR MDF is mainly used when excellent screw holding of heavy loads is required.

Design benefits – EURODEKOR MDF is suitable for curved applications and can be grooved / routered into as a design feature. The edges of EURODEKOR MDF can also be painted, lacquered or left unfinished.

Half packs of EURODEKOR MDF are also available on request subject to a surcharge.

Colour & Decor Worlds : Classic & Modern
Intensity / Product Groups : Dark / Interior design - furniture
Surface Texture / Wood Grain : Gloss Finish - ST30 Gloss Finish / Planked
Decor Pattern / Decor Type : Vertical grain / Plum
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Egger - Melamine Faced MDF 1 25mm
Available to order (Lead time will apply)  
2800mm x 2070mm (1 pack minimum)

Egger - Melamine Faced MDF 1
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