Egger - H3129 ST9 Autumn Plum Laminate

Egger - H3129 ST9 Autumn Plum Laminate

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What is it?

EGGER Laminate is made up of multiple layers of paper and has a decorative surface. The laminate sheet must be fabricated (bonded) to a suitable substrate (normally chipboard or MDF).

Where do you use it?

Due to its multi-layered construction, EGGER Laminate is the perfect material for high traffic areas or where a hard wearing surface is required, such as counter tops, doors, reception desks and a whole host of other interior and shopfitting applications.

Why use it?

Performance – Compared to veneers, laminates perform better in terms of durability and resistance to scratches.

Environmental benefits – Rather than using tropical veneers from the other side of the world, exotic wood reproductions in laminate are a far more sustainable option.

Commercial benefits – EGGER Laminates are a more cost effective solution to veneers and are easier to replace if panels are damaged as well as the colour remaining consistent.

Colour & Decor Worlds : Classic & Modern
Intensity / Product Groups : Dark / Interior design - furniture
Surface Texture / Wood Grain : Perfect Matt - Velvety, elegant appearance / Planked
Decor Pattern / Decor Type : Vertical grain / Plum
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Egger - Woodgrain Laminate 2 0.8mm
Stock Item for Egger  
3050mm x 1310mm
2150mm x 950mm (Door Size)
2350mm x 1310mm (European Collection)

Egger - Woodgrain Laminate 2
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