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F2253 Diamond Black - Linewood Range

F2253 Diamond Black - Linewood Range

Formica Laminate - Linewood Range - F2253 Diamond Black

The Formica® Colors range provides an inspirational choice of subtle, architecturally inspired neutrals, atmospheric hues and accent colours.


NCS:S8502-B , RAL: 2000 , RAL Classic: 7021


Grade HPL/EN 438-3 HGP Horizontal General Purpose, Post forming high pressure decorative laminate (0.7mm nominal thickness)

Grade HPL/EN 438-3 HGS Horizontal General Purpose, Standard high pressure decorative laminate (0.7mm nominal thickness)


AR PLUS : Sleek high gloss finish, highly resistant to scuffs and mar abrasions. AR Plus has twice the surface performance of standard gloss laminate.

MATTE 58 : Partnered with designs inspired by natural materials, Matte58 delivers a clean and modern look.

MICRODOT : Playful and modern, MicroDot is a subtle grid of concave dots in a low sheen satin finish, offering a three-dimensional aspect for optical effect.

PLEX : Red Dot Award winning Plex texture was inspired by crisp satin silk weaves with their subtle reflective and tactile quality. This small scale, versatile surface finish impresses with its textile feel, crisp touch and low gloss sheen.

LINEWOOD : A rich complex surface finish that mimics wire brushed soft woods. A distinctive texture that is versatile on both woods and plain colours. Alternating glossy and matt areas are visually pleasing and a tactile surprise: the surface feels inherently natural, yet with a velvet smoothness.

RIGATO : Vertically-orientated raised lines which provide texture and catch light, creating a unique laminate feel.

SCULPTED : Horizontally-orientated finish which catches light. Sculpted finish creates not only a visual but a tactile appeal.

To help you, You'll also see options in the matrix below from different ranges. This will save you having to go into individual ranges for the same colour if needed.

FORMICA : 1-3 GO/4GOQXTWY/5A/8O/9O 0.7mm (HGP) 0.7mm (HGS) 1.2mm (PAR)
2150mm x 950mm (Linewood)    
2150mm x 950mm (Matte 58)    
2150mm x 1835mm (Matte 58)    
2350mm x 950mm (Linewood)    
2350mm x 950mm (Matte 58)    
2350mm x 1300mm (Linewood)    
2350mm x 1300mm (Matte 58)    
3050mm x 1300mm (Linewood)    
3050mm x 1300mm (Matte 58)    
3660mm x 1525mm (Matte 58)    
3050mm x 1300mm (Microdot)    
3050mm x 1300mm (Satin NDF)    
3050mm x 1300mm (Plex)    
3050mm x 1300mm (Rigato)    
3050mm x 1300mm (Sculpted)    
3050mm x 1300mm (AR PLUS)    

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