OSB - 18mm

OSB - 18mm

SterlingOSB is designed to perform. Its strength is down to the tens of thousands of strands of real wood that go into each and every board. This precision engineered board is the natural successor to softwood plywood. No knots. No voids. No debates.

SterlingOSB is made from smaller logs, usually from the small trees that are removed to allow the bigger trees in the forest room to grow. Forest thinning improves growth and sustainability of plants, trees and wildlife. The logs are cut to length, debarked and processed into precise strands averaging 120mm long and 25mm wide. The strands are dried, blended with resin binder and wax. The strands are laid in cross directional layers in a precisely oriented fashion. These form a large continuous mat.

The cross directional forming of the strands gives SterlingOSB its increased strength. The resulting mat passes through a high heat and pressure press resulting in uniform and high quality panels that are then cooled and cut to size. Throughout this highly automated and fully engineered process, panels are monitored and tested to meet stringent quality standards.


SterlingOSB2 - Structural use in dry conditions

Tough, consistent and great value for money – SterlingOSB2 is the perfect board for general applications. A versatile and low cost alternative to plywood, it is ideal for a variety of uses.

Typical uses include: • Site hoarding /  • Interior decorative panels /  • Exhibition displays /  • Shelving and racking /  • Packaging, pallets, crating /  • Garden sheds / • DIY projects


SterlingOSB3 - Structural use in humid conditions

SterlingOSB3 is a precision-engineered board for structural use in load bearing and challenging conditions. It performs well in humid conditions, making it ideal for house building and construction.

SterlingOSB3 is BBA approved and also available in a T&G format

Typical uses include:  • Timber frame housing /  • Flat and pitched roofs /  • Wall sheathing /  • Flooring /  • Portable buildings /  • Caravans /  • Agricultural buildings


Option to specify a particular manufacturer (Please note : Some options listed below are only available from certain manufacturers. We will advise on receipt of your enquiry)
OSB - 18mm 18mm
2440mm x 1220mm - OSB 2
2440mm x 1220mm - OSB 3
2400mm x 1200mm - OSB 3
2397mm x 1197mm - OSB 3

OSB - 18mm
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