Veneered Boards - Jointing Method


This is the standard method

The various veneer strips are joined together in mirror image pairs. This means that each strip is the reflection of the previous one. This technique lets you see perfectly how the log was handled.



This technique is often chosen if the veneer needs to be stained.

Staining means no colour difference can seen between the different veneer strips on a panel.



This has all the advantages of a slip matched sheet of veneer.

In addition, the boards do not all have to be the same way up. This makes it unbelievably easy for the customer to work with a veneered panel.



Our manufacturer has developed its own patented machine for the mix matched or planked technique, in which the veneers are jointed together randomly to give the final sheet the appearance of solid wood with-out disadvantages such as warping as the humidity varies.

Our manufacturer can process veneers of various thickness in this way (0.6mm, 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm) The thicker veneers are used when additional structuring needs to be applied.


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